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A few little updates today! I seem to have been working merrily on things offline and promptly forgot to upload any of it. Bah!

     I've rearranged most of the information pages for my work, so there are links to the LiveJournal / Dreamwidth journals/communities the work is hosted on. These have also been significantly rearranged, and turned into communities - not every chapter has been reuploaded yet, but I'm working on that!
     Way back when I started posting things, the idea of hosting stories on COMMUNITIES never occurred to me, and I ended up being very "spotty" with my uploads because I had to log in and log out of each one just to update it.

Good as Gold
I have compiled my first 18 chapters so far into a PDF, to make it easier to read. Click here to download. (Approk 1.8MB, just over 72,000 words.)

Memento Vivere
This is my planned story for NaNoWriMo 2013, so I have created a "placeholder" page for it. I don't have a lot to say about this one. otherwise.

Future Tense
Yes, I have started working on this again! I've begun to upload it to my account on AO3*, but I've been updating the chapters a little as I go, as the older ones were a bit "stuck together" and clunky. The updated story so far is available as a PDF on my website, or on my account on AO3. Actual NEW work will be coming soon.

"Qii-style" Ammut
Santa Thrust
Let it Snow
More Stained Glass Animals

Edit: Not sure why LJ decided this needs to be "Members only", I don't remember changing my settings. *fixes*
Scary creepy unicorn
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New Art

Just a couple of updates! New art uploaded in the form of...

Most importantly:
Snuggly Christmas Robins - these have gone onto some Christmas Cards I'm hoping to donate to the "Woolverstone Wish" fund. (I'm not making any money off these, all the profits will go to the fund.)

My Little (Horrified) Ponybot
Stained Glass Enfield
Stained Glass Kelpie

I have some more stained glass animals and "Aztec-stylee" creatures in the works, but these still need to be coloured and scanned.
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Major edits!


At last, my website is reasonably up to date.

This is a feat that has taken unrealistically long to achieve. ¬_¬ I think the last time I did any official work on it was... 2010? (I didn't think so check before I edited it off my index page.) It was before my desktop got sick, anyway.

I'm a little surprised at how old some of the pages were, actually - I've been doing quite a lot of work "behind the scenes", and I was sure I'd uploaded some of it, but evidently not. Not having access to ftp hindered progress somewhat.

So, what was new:
20 pieces of "new" art (and possibly more coming, once I've looked through my folders) by me:
Memento Mori cover, Cute Bees, 'Mayan' beasties, Sunspot, Tsu and the eel, Ritual Cleansing, Bookwyrm, Cabbage White(s), Caught!, Genie in the bottle, Kingfishers, Lotus Collectors, Golden Demon, Rain Phoenix, Who needs wings?, Mirii, Celerity, How short?, Mer-Mirii?, and the Great Sun-Mark
1 piece of guest art (thank you! :) ) from Bob Todd / Anna
(Some of MY art might be "new"-new, also - I can't remember how much I've uploaded to blogs/galleries.)

I've also updated the writing section, and restructured the Sapere section so it's not all in a folder called "Wrimo". (It made sense when it was still under the "NaNoWriMo" heading.)
And! Contact, info and miscellany are updated.

Lastly, I went through and removed the date javascript from all the pages - nice though it was to have a little script to keep the copyright date current, Explorer kept crying about there being horrible illegal ActiveX controls, which I thought might put some visitors off. Easier just to nix it.

I'm going to try and keep the place a little more up-to-date from now on!
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A fresh start

This was formerly a LJ username where keaalu posted updates on her website.

She's probably going to use it for the same thing, admittedly, but as a community instead of as a separate username.

...she'd have probably used it more often if she didn't have to keep logging in and out of all the different usernames.

(Obviously, all the previous posts went the way of the dodo, because they had to make way for the "conversion to community", but the most recent was from 2007, so it's no great loss.)